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Customer REviews

"Love these products! Helps with my sinuses and just makes me start my day feeling invigorated. Have tried many scents and love them all. Treat yourself. It's so worth it."

"They used the storm cloud tonight and were so excited about its transformation. So well crafted. Can't wait to try more."

"This scrub is the best...I have abandoned any previous scrubs because the scent and texture is AMAZING!! And the new formula is light and fluffy."

About Sudz

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My name is Amanda, and I started Sudz in 2018. I am a mom of four amazing boys. I quit my job as an accountant to stay home and spend more time with them while they were young. I started making soaps as a hobby and found that I loved to create new and exciting things. I quickly expanded into bath bombs, shower steamers and other products. I make everything by hand using as few ingredients as possible. Sudz has allowed me to stay busy and productive, while providing an outlet for my creativity, all while spending time with my boys (and the boys love all the product testing!). I hope you enjoy my products. Thank you for visiting!